Scorched Surroundings

Update number three for In Extremis’ current update format is centered around the Poria. When I say around the Poria, I really mean it! There isn’t much directly about the molten Sentient Species in this update, but there’s plenty about their culture, stories involving them, and more! Scorched Surroundings adds a new lore book series featuring a known character, a new location in the new map format, a new YouTube single, and tons of artwork! View the announcement here!


The second content update for In Extremis is focused on The Reykata, the antagonistic force with a hive-mind-like appetite for destruction, their many forms, and other lore surrounding them. The Shadows update adds several new articles, a new YouTube single, a new type of map, and more! View the announcement here.

Space Plunder

Space Plunder adds several new pieces of lore to the In Extremis series, from several new articles on Pirates, Davoto’s Ice, and the Gallants organization, a new YouTube single, two books on Pirates, and more! View the announcement here.