Skeli’n Studios is a website for the artistic pursuits of Mikkel S. Christensen, also known as Mr. Skeli’n. This section of the website is focused on the In Extremis series. There are over 120 articles already on the website since the first article was published on April 13, 2014.

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Compared to Earth time, once you break it all down, the In Extremis year is only a few Earth days shorter than an Earth year. The length of a second is the highest measure of time that does not change, but all measurements of time higher than a second are adjusted to fit the fact that 100 seconds is a minute in the In Extremis universe.

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Skeli’n Studios and In Extremis have a few homes across the internet on various social media outlets. Click an image to be taken to that website’s page for In Extremis:


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