This site, along with the Facebook page, are used to increase public awareness of the In Extremis series and will help chronicle the development of the project. This website will also have short article-like posts to document the canon of the In Extremis universe. These article-like posts are found under the information category (and in sub-categories beneath information) and tend to be just a little formal in order not to obscure the information presented.

Information is where you’ll find articles about In Extremis, and it has three sub-categories:

Locations, People and Items

You can also find these categories by accessing the menu under In Extremis.

About In Extremis:

In Extremis is a series set in a fictional universe, created by a Deity and his seven sons and daughters as they saw fit. The In Extremis series contains an ever-increasing number of plot-arcs, what would be individual books that tell their own story with their own main character(s) and several supporting characters. The universe created and expanded upon mainly by literature is supported by music and art both digital and physical. The story is largely told in omniscient-third-person perspective, an outsider looking in on the main character’s adventure(s). All of the plot-arcs are set within The Known Universe, an ever expanding three dimensional plane created several hundred years before documented history.

In Extremis at one point was just a little idea I had, back in late 2011 when I had to create a character for Art class. It spawned a back-story which turned into more and more stories so that I could create more art pieces and I eventually started writing these stories out on their own. It just kept snowballing and in February 2012 I published the first versions of these back-stories online. On June 14th, 2012 I published the first version of the first chapter online and the story has undergone a few revisions but mostly grown, along with the audience.


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