This website houses the ongoing work of In Extremis, as well as the complete works of Mikkel S. Christensen. Take a look at how to get around the site:

Categories and Tags


The Blog category is reserved for long posts that have long-term effects and are preserved by themselves. The blogging tag is used on posts such as the weekly forecasts, monthly wrap-ups and annual list-posts. Posts featuring these tags can be found in the “News” section of the menu. Take a look at some of the tags featured in these posts:

In Extremis

The In Extremis category features many posts tagged with “blogging”, and is the category for Forecasts and the like, and features the sub-category of Information, which breaks down as follows:

In addition to the number of tags featured under the news-like “blogging” posts, the Information sub-category has its own tags as well. Each Sentient Species has 3 tags, for articles about individuals, articles about the species as a whole, and articles about locations in their -Space. Both the individuals and species tags are frequently used in books or other articles that heavily reference the tagged entity.

In addition, there are a number of other tags for several other types of articles across Omneutta: