The Blade

The Blade

—The Blade overlaps the westernmost edges of Pale Shores and the northern boundaries of both Matriarch Grove and Parallelium and is one of the most sparsely populated sections of Omneutta

Location Information

Terrain: Mountanous, Highland, Flatland
Climate: Highland, Seasonal Temperate
Points of Interest: Rey’ynar’s Fortress

  1. Wayfarer Map: The Blade
  2. Report: Locally Extinct Taruciil
  3. Torn Asunder
Star Chart of The Blade; click to enlarge

Long, wide stretches of low lands are predominantly where shani dwell, with mountain ranges and highlands surrounding them that sculpt weather patterns as well as house the wildlife of the space.1 For non-shani the terrain is often tough to navigate outside of these settlements, which are not usually open to outsiders.2 The fauna of the area is often dangerous—even to shani—and are masters of navigating this treacherous landscape.3

There are two local groups in The Blade: Southern Ridge and Western Edge.1 The Western Edge is a local group by dispersement; the planet-stars that are a part of Western Edge in the local group due to their location relative to each other. The Southern Ridge is a local group due to the prevalence of mist (as in the weather phenomenon, not to be confused with Vale Reef’s mist) among both the planet-stars and star-planets in the area.