—According to the Ontiba, Davo was the burial place of all life in the Known Universe for many centuries Before Time.

Location Information

Terrain: Mountainous, Woodland
Climate: Seasonal Temperate
Points of Interest: Ava, GreatSea

  1. The Dav
  2. Wayfarer Map: Davo
Topographic Map of Davo; click to enlarge

Davo is a historically significant planet-star between the local group of Fieft and Astran-Space, at the edge of Pale Shores. According to the Dav, it is one of the oldest planet-stars in Omneutta, having survived through both Deity Wars.1

Though the capitol of Davo is the city Ava for its historical significance, the other three cities around the GreatSea have all grown larger.2 It is in these other cities, as well as a few other places of shipping and industry that Davo’s few non-avocs are found. Like most other celestial bodies across Pale Shores, Davo is notable for large bodies of water surrounded by shores that quickly progress to mountain ranges. The planet-star also features multiple deserts, and a glacial valley.2

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