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End of the Hiatus

This post will have three parts, in increasing length. In the first part, I’ll explain in simple terms what I’ve been doing and where the website and In Extremis will be in the near-future. In the second part, we’ll go back over the Ajikah, my last attempt at creating an in-universe explanation for this website, […]



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The Dress

for Trio | Vocalist (Tenor) | 9′ | 2015 The two pieces can be conducted if necessary. If possible, the flute and saxophone player should be one in the same. Additionally, while If (first piece) asks the vocalist to alternate at times between spoken word and sung pitch, A Splendid Fellow (second piece) asks the […]


Album Announcement

Patches of Tranquility I have a new album releasing soon! I’ve spent the last 6 months taking time off from In Extremis, and a bit longer than that working on this album, and it is finally inching closer. When I set out to start writing what became this album I was inspired by sounds that […]

In Extremis Mikkel

Hiatus Announcement

It’s Mikkel You might have noticed but In Extremis content is paused for now. I’m not sure when I’ll start again and what it will look like when I come back. I’m explaining more below: I’ve got another project right now I have been working on In Extremis for some time, and if you’ve been […]

Survey: Early Pori Beliefs

Information Class: Report, Philosophy & ReligionWc: 2,850 Publishing Aut: UnknownDt: 513 A.T.Ogn: Visage Related Links Poria Porrair Religion Daekoiz Introduction This survey will cover several since-abandoned beliefs and belief systems held by pori early in our history. These beliefs are examined for their content or practices entailed, what led to the beliefs, and why the […]


Information While avocs have been around centuries—hundreds of years before the Timekeeping Reset—much of their worship practices have been documented exclusively through oral tradition. These histories and rituals have been passed down by rote, creating rich diversity in each denomination. The Dav is the foundational text of Efteta, with around ten books considered to be […]

Hard Fought Truths

Information Class: Journal, Philosophy & ReligionWc: 902 Publishing Aut: Isihaht-Slovoh-IskrivyDt: 392 A.T.Ogn: Visage Related Links Sha’an Sham’ayn Behold shani! For I am the sole survivor of the hard fought battles against our reality and beyond! I alone have faced the rituals and trials of the magik entrusted to us by Sham’ayn and have survived—no—thrived! I […]

Piracy, A History

Information Class: HistoryWc: 1,144 Publishing Aut: Hakim ‘LosarzobyDt: 837 A.T.Ogn: Visage Related Links Pirates The Legend of Ce’Tus Just over a century ago, scholars now believe the “Golden Age of Piracy” came to a conclusion with the death of the avoc pirate captain Ce’Tus. Though the scourge and threat of Omneuttian piracy has not completely vanished […]

Future Plans In Extremis

Future Plans XV

This is Padi—it has been roughly thirteen months since our last Future Plans post (read it here) that detailed the future of the website. In the meantime we have launched another Expedition focused on improving the consistency and look of the site. This Expedition—especially of late—has brought a specific issue into our focus, that issue […]