In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

I’m Baic, here to talk about the last month. The last month (of September) was fairly good in terms of content. We hit all of our normal recurring items – the Forecasts, FeaturedFriday, and SoundtrackSaturday posts. There were a couple of articles and artworks updated as lingering elements of the Visage Expedition remained, and overall it was the second-best month of the year in terms of page views (January is still by far the leader of 2021). Let’s look back:

Towards the later half of September we were working on some more internal, structural projects, as well as some outward-facing content, and these will be completed early in the month to prep for some new content streams. We’ve finished our work on the internal naming structures – this will help us clearly identify authors, and Omneuttians of note as we continue to publish more work and investigate in our Expeditions. Ankaya has also upgraded some software elements of their workflow, and we look to have an increased presence on our Instagram social feed as a result, in addition to some new prominent artworks for the front page.

For the month of October the Featured Article to explore will be the Gallants. We’ll be exploring a specific sub-faction later this month and thought a great way to lead into this was to feature the article.