Forecast In Extremis

Forecast June 7

I’m Baic with this week’s forecast. We came back from a week of nothing two weeks prior and had a good week. Let’s look back:

  • Forecast: It was a dead week, as I said before
  • Wrap-Up: A look back on what was a good month overall
  • Dai-Zamaar: The article for one of the elder Gallants of Cyliajaca has been updated
  • Baic: My article has been updated, though it could use some new info…
  • At’Ypx: The article for our resident musicologist is now in the new formatting
  • Featured Friday: This month we’re talking about whyrs!
  • Mis’Kelin: An avoc who swings and makes swords, featured in Roaming With Fire
  • SoundtrackSaturday: “Gateway Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
  • Skeli: An enigmatic pirate whose whereabouts are unknown
  • Ankaya: Our resident artist finally has their own article
  • Kouoh Sarom: Around the same age as Dai, and just as committed to protecting the rest of the Gallants

I’ll see you next week for another forecast.