In Extremis Wrap-Up

May Wrap-Up

I’m Baic, here to talk about the last month. The last month (of May) was similar to April in that it started well and tapered off, except in May there were two entire weeks of dead time. We didn’t get much done, but sometimes a reprieve is needed. Internally and officially the Visage Expedition is complete, however we are still syncing some pages and articles between our internal and outgoing servers.

What (as of writing) remains with the Visage Expedition are about half of the Omneuttian pages, all Event pages (including holidays), a few Item pages, half of the Ontautt, and four unpublished texts for a total of 45 articles/pages/texts.

We are again highlighting a single article for the duration of a month again, with each #FeaturedFriday being used to look at a section of the article. For the month of June we will be highlighting the Whyr article.