In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: May.1

Ypx here—back for another weekly Soundtrack Saturday. We’re all busy around here wrapping up the Expedition and I’m no exception. Listen to this:

At the start of the Expedition (and a couple instances since) Padi mentioned that Rucu and I would be working on a special project. We still are! However, she’s been really busy and initially when Ankaya was brought on they were going to help too, but like Rucu, Ankaya has also been really busy. So, I cobbled this together myself to help share what I’ve been working on and build some excitement for what Rucu and I will eventually be working on.

I’m not much for naming, so I left our internal filenames intact, but I attached some of Ankaya’s work to help illustrate the moods and locations the audio is attached to.

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