In Extremis Wrap-Up

April Wrap-Up

I’m Baic, here to talk about the last month. The last month (of April) started well and ended well, with a little bit of a lull in the middle of the month. Our consecutive-days streak broke early in the month, but it was another good month overall.

May will quite early see the completion (finally) of the Visage Expedition. Officially we are targeting the 3rd as the date, but acknowledge some artwork or small adjustments will need to be added after this date. However all articles will be updated to the proper format and contain all relevant information we have. The rest of the month at this moment will likely be filled with this work, as we have no other current plans.

Beginning again with the month of May we will highlight a single article for the duration of the month, with each Featured Friday posting about a different aspect of the article. For the month of May 2021, we will be featuring the Kettlah article.