In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Apr.17

Ypx here—back for another weekly Soundtrack Saturday. Today is a little special, as it is Mikkel’s birthday, so we’re going to play some of the In Extremis music for the first time in a while.

Désolé is the single off of In Extremis’ forthcoming album, Mistborn. A compaction of ideas earlier in the album, Désolé is a short synapsis of Mistborn–a combination of music and sounds that create an accurate sonic portrayal of Vale Reef.

Désolé is from the Earth-language of French, and is the basis of the word ‘desolate’, which describes a lot of the land on Tennu we got to see. We’re told that underneath the mist is a essentially a different world–plant and animal life is abundant. Our mapping technology essentially confirms this, but what we personally witnessed, Tennu was in a word, desolate.

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