In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Apr.10

Ypx here—back for another weekly Soundtrack Saturday Sunday. Like many weeks this one was an odd one, capping off in having our normal feature be a day late:

It’s been a while since Maplestory was covered here—August of 2019 to be exact. The game has had many composers and though I am unsure which one(s) composed this track, they are known as CODASOUND, Studio EIM, ASTERIA, and ESTIMATE. For those unaware the MMORPG launched in South Korea and Japan in 2003, and many other regions in 2005. The game spawned a sequel in 2015 and featured a move not just to a 3D environment, but also to an isometric voxel-based appearance—a large departure from a 2D sidescroller.

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