In Extremis Wrap-Up

2020 Wrap-Up

I’m Baic here to talk about last year. 2020 was – by far – the best year for the website. We set many kinds of records: total page views, longest streak of consecutive days with a page view, the highest two total streaks, highest monthly average, and more. The Ajika has put in a lot of good work to the website on the year and we’re glad so many of you came to the website to view it.

  • January saw some revisions to some long-time pages and the revision of all Fauna articles for noun consistency
  • Rucu (et al) had a proposal accepted by the Pori government for the reorganization of Jibhaga into Jibhari, and we released the Iternary for what would become the Mistborne Expedition in February
  • The month of March was light as we prepared for the Expedition, but we had Forecasts and #SoundtrackSaturdays every week!
  • There were many article revisions posted in April, as well as the beginning of us unpacking the Mistborne Expedition
  • The Mistborne Expedition was completed in May, along with undertaking massive revisions to a few important pages such as the home page
  • June saw the release of Future Plans XIV Part 2, along with updates to some Fauna articles
  • July began with the Itinerary for our third Expedition, and saw the website featuring different article each week
  • A great month for the Expedition was August, where we published four new pieces of writing and redesigned several articles
  • September saw a decrease in our Expedition production, but there were still three new writings published
  • There were few new pieces of content in October, but some major hub pages were redesigned, along with regular weekly features
  • November came and went with only our normal weekly features and no new content
  • We only managed one new writing and a hub page reformat in the month of December

We expected the Visage Expedition to be complete by this point in the year, but we did not end the year with the volume of production we had anticipated. Our immediate plans for the year see us completing the Expedition as soon as possible – hopefully within the first quarter. As this Expedition winds down, I anticipate that Padi will begin to make plans for our next Expedition and we might have an Itinerary by mid-year. Based on our success with the Mistborne and what we’ve unveiled so far of the Visage Expedition, we anticipate 2021 to be a good year for the Ajika across the website and our various social platforms.