In Extremis Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up

I’m Baic, here to talk about the last month. The last month (of October) continued our trend of lowered production and pageviews for the website, but it was still overall another good month. Though it was decreased from our latest trends, the past month was still the best September for the website on record. Let’s look back at the month:

November will continue the Expedition, though we’ve been saying that for a while now we have reason to believe this month will make significant strides to accomplishing our goals. Rucu will travel back and be reunited within the first week of the month and Cuoramai and I (mostly Cuoramai, though I do the reading) have been going through her notes in order to prepare more literature for translation so that she can transition back to work as quickly as possible.

This month, we will continue showing off particular articles, both new and redesigned each Friday. We hope that by continuing to feature what we believe are our best articles and sources of information that Omneutta and the website will continue to be an attractive destination on the internet.