In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Sep.5

Ypx here—today we’re going to be listening to “Beach of Waa Lo” from Legend of Kay.

Released for the Playstation 2 in 2005, Legend of Kay is an action-platformer about restoring peace on an island inhabited by humanoid animals. The game did well enough to garner a rerelease on DS, and an anniversary remaster in 2015 for most consoles, coming to Switch in 2018.

We start with two ostinatos that encircle each other on harp and some wooden keyboards before we get our first taste of the melody from the horn. After a phrase the ostinatos change and we have slow, smooth chords in the strings and a new harp/marimba rhythm. Our melody is in a reed instrument now to create a serene feeling while everything but the strings is bouncy around it. After a few phrases, we loop.

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