May Wrap-Up

I’m Baic, here to talk about the last month. The last month (of May) was one of the best month’s in the site’s history. Certainly, it was the best for the Ajika, and built on the month of April’s success. The second Expedition certainly contributed to that success, but the eyeballs kept coming to the site after the expedition finished. Let’s look back at the month:

June will have no specific presence or goal from the Ajika. We will continue to research and implement small changes around the site to hopefully improve reader experience and navigation. We will also look to continue our practice of refurbishing articles that need improvement that we began before the Expedition.

The new Featured Article for the month will be Celestial Bodies. This article through illustration and writing explains a fundamental difference in the lands and objects-in-space that make up Omneutta and how they differ from the Earth-universe.