Forecast In Extremis

Forecast April 13

I’m Baic and this is the forecast for the week of April 13. The last week saw good work on the website and off, and we hope to continue that trend going forward.

Let’s look back at what we were able to complete:

  • Continued work for rewrites on some articles
  • Pirates: This article had some minor changes to structure and phrasing to make it a more enjoyable and informative read
  • A #FeaturedFriday post on this month’s article
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Missing Link -6-” from Final Fantasy XIII-2

Here’s what we look to have happen this upcoming week:

  • Update rewritten articles on the website
  • A #FeaturedFriday for our current Featured Article
  • Another Soundtrack Saturday

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!