Forecast In Extremis

Forecast February 24

I’m Baic and this is the forecast for the week of February 24. Last week, the majority of the Ajika departed to Vale Reef for quite some time for our second Expedition, and our first relatively outside the comfort of our home.

Let’s look back at what we were able to complete:

  • Began rewrites on some articles
  • The Ajika left, but not before Padi posted their Itinerary
  • We did not post a #FeaturedFriday for this month’s Featured Article
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Sunflowers and Illusions” from Mother 3
  • We wished a prosperous Niva to turths and those across The Hilt

Here’s what we look to have happen this upcoming week:

  • Work on articles that need a rewrite
  • Social Media presence to spread knowledge of the Itinerary
  • A #FeaturedFriday for our current Featured Article
  • Another Soundtrack Saturday
  • A Wrap-Up for the month of February

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!