In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Feb.1

Ypx here—today we’re going to be listening to “Both Sides’ Case” from Star Ocean First Departure.

Playable outside Japan only in 2008 when First Departure launched as a remake for the PlayStation Portable, Star Ocean First Departure was an real-time-action roleplaying game. Remade again as First Departure R on the Switch and PS4 in 2019, the game featured voice acting as far back as the original version on the Super Famicom. The game spawned a short series of 5 games, and 3 spin-offs, not counting the remake and remaster.

We begin with two sets of struck metal or bells arpeggiating, a low string bassline, and a woodwind carrying a melody. This continues, with some minor percussion shakers doing a brief shuffle every few bars until we lose the woodwind to a harp that arpeggiates through a melody line. After a brief flurry on the harp, we get a synth to smoothly present a countermelody to the original melody, after which we hear the original again because it’s time for a loop.

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