In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Jan.25

Ypx here—today we’re going to be listening to “Milky Way Wishes” from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Moving on from the Splatoon series, we listen to another Nintendo Series, that much like the recent Yoshi games, has a distinct visual aesthetic that changes with each game. For this Kirby game that released in 2015 as the sequel to the DS’ Canvas Curse, the look is one of claymation and candy. Much of the game looks hand-made, or rather hand-sculpted and several recurring objects through the game have a food aesthetic, specifically cake decorating and other confections. 

The track opens up with a harp arpeggiating underneath a piano, a constant feature of this piece of music. After we slowly move through a few chords, we’re introduced to a  s p a c e y  and wonderful guitar effect that combines pitchbend, delay, and feedback. This transitions us into a section where the harp features a melody in a lower range along with a counter melody in the upper piano. After some more spacey effects, we loop.

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