In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Jan.18

Ypx here—today we’re going to be listening to “Party’s Over (Off the Hook)” from Splatoon 2. This will be the last week of Splatoon 2 tunes. Try saying that repeatedly and quickly!

I’m wrapping up my coverage (for now) of this great game and it’s soundtrack this week with a look at one of the post-match themes. I thought it appropriate since we are moving on from this game to have the defeat theme grace our ears.

Beginning with a guitar and/or synth hit and some crunchy digital percussion, we get our “melody” that I am obsessed with the past week. It is clearly processed vocals, but it drifts back and forth between being a clearly modified vocal line and smooth synth as the processing is not consistent. There are some fun, quick, turn-of-phrase licks that catch you every handful of measures as the rest of the instrumentation slows or pauses to propel your ears back into the groove.

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