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Soundtrack Saturday: Jan.11

Ypx here—today we’re going to be listening to “Fishing Frenzy (ω-3)” from Splatoon 2. That’s right, we’re still listening to Splatoon 2’s music, as there is a lot to unpack from the musical experience this game provides.

Since I mentioned the history of the game last week when I discussed the track “New You (DJ Real Sole)”, this week I will instead briefly discuss the cross-genre approach of the game’s soundtrack. Across the series there is Punk, Alt-Rock, Ska, J-Pop, Teen Pop, EDM, Celtic Punk, Punk Jazz, Vaporwave, Urban, and the somewhat indecipherable genre of the game mode that features the music we’ll be listening to today. In the game’s world, the soundtracks for each mode are made up by bands and groups that exist within the canon of the Splatoon Universe, or the splatverse if you will.

There are three main elements to not only this track but all music of Omega-3 (the “band” that plays the music for the Salmon Run game mode). They are a Cello (often distorted), Timpani, and a DJ who can be assumed to be either or both distorting and effecting the other two musicians while also playing samples. We hear these three elements immediately at the start of the track, with a glissando up effected by glitches and distortion over a simple and aggressive timpani two-note pattern. This is layered over by a less-distorted cello for most of the piece and sampled percussion, synths, and other odd sound effects. My favourite sound effect can be heard at 0:40-:42 or so and is a doorbell chime.

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