In Extremis Wrap-Up

2019 Wrap-Up

I’m Baic here to talk about last year. 2019 saw many changes for the website, most notably being the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika launching before taking over the website and social media. This has resulted in more social media use, a more organized website, and a change from Update bundles to Expeditions. Compared to the previous year of 2018, 2019 was a year for wholesale changes to how the site works, rather than the small refinements of 2018, and that seems to be reflected in the metrics of both social media and the website. These metrics are especially notable in the time since the Ajika has taken over. We hope you’ve enjoyed our so-far-brief presence.

  • January ended with the third installment of Future Plans Part XII
  • The fifth Update theme was announced February, and it was “Cartography”
  • The Cartographer Update and some artwork series took up most of March
  • April saw the end of the Cartographer Update
  • A new style of music for In Extremis was shown off to begin May
  • Plenty of website cleanup in June, though the last Update began at the end
  • The aforementioned update ended early in July, and not much else happened
  • August was, despite a relative lack of content, a good month
  • In September the “next Update” was mentioned frequently, which was the Ajika
  • The Ajika was formally announced in October as well as the first Itinerary
  • In November the Ajika took over the website by launching the first Expedition
  • December had a forecast and Soundtrack Saturday every week, in addition to the end of the Rudimentary Expedition

Next year looks to be an improvement over 2019, should the trends of the Ajika’s first two months continue. I know that Rucu and Ypx have something special planned that I can’t talk about except to say that they have something, and it will definitely come this year. Hopefully, I am told it is the start of something more. I know that Ypx is also working with some local visual artists on a project as well, and that we should have an Expedition within the first half of the year, but that is what I know.