In Extremis

Soundtrack Saturday: Dec.14

This is Ypx, and I seem to have done my math a little wrong. I believe it’s Earth Sunday for many of you reading this. Please forgive my mathematical error – Omneutta has 8 days in a week, each 8 hours, and each 100 minutes. Posting these commentaries at the same time each week for you is a different time for me each week. I’ll do better next time!

Today’s track is “Aurora” from Dust: An Elysian Tail. Dust originally released via Xbox Live Arcade in 2012, later on PC, OSX, PS4, and has recently seen release on the Nintendo Switch. Praised for its art style, soundtrack, metroidvania progression, and combat mechanics that combine swordplay and magic, the game features anthropomorphic characters and a story where the titular character tries to remember their past. The soundtrack was produced by the combination of Hyperduck Soundworks (whose YT channel has the OST) and Alexander Brandon.

With slow-moving string pads underneath a plucked string instrument, the piece opens with a peaceful and historic feeling. Once the rhythm and tempo increases with some additional percussive elements and other quick sounds like bells, piano, and other short-sustain instruments we commence a cycle of ebb and flow, occasionally getting instruments like a flute that sustain a brief melody during a respite in percussive movement.

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