Forecast In Extremis

Forecast December 2

I’m Baic and this is the forecast for the week of December 2. There was no meaningful discovery this week, only some minor frustration that we could not verify or disprove a great deal of information we intended to.

Last week followed the forecast to a T, so let’s look back:

  • Pekataro: the article was redone following our discovery
  • Daekoiz: also some minor changes
  • At’Ypx: our resident musicologist has an article now
  • Cuoramai: as does our manuscript restoration expert
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Seaside Kingdom” from Super Mario Odyssey
  • Wrap-Up: the whole month of November, and the bulk of our Expedition summarized
  • Hoyu’s History: Volume 1 of the much debated series has been published

Here’s what we look to have happen this upcoming week:

  • More volumes of Hoyu’s History
  • An article and some artwork for a notable pastime in Omneutta
  • Another article for native wildlife to Parallelium
  • A short writing on metaphysics
  • Soundtrack Saturday
  • A more reliable biography of Hoyu dul Nakeil

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!