Forecast In Extremis

Forecast November 11

I’m Baic and this is the forecast for the week of November 11. This is the first forecast where we have a previous week to reference before I talk about our goals for the following week, so in a way this forecast will also be new for both you and I.

For a little more than the past week Padi and I (mostly myself) have been updating the website with new article formats, re-translated books, and things of that nature. While we had planned to re-organize more articles, I underestimated the amount of time each one would take. It has also been hard to work over the past couple of days due to my Unee meat being shipped to somewhere completely across Parallelium! Here’s what we got last week:

  • Activities
  • Divine Forge
  • The Outcropping
    • Pan Arbnhap
    • Sentii
    • Xusoigar
  • Pale Shores
  • Vale Reef
    • Columns
    • Golden Deep
    • The Veil
  • Parallelium
  • Matriarch Grove
    • Eaalaaem
    • Elder Greens
    • New Growth
    • Withered Woods
  • The Blade
    • Southern Ridge
    • Western Edge
  • The Hilt
    • Pommel
    • Wodagora
    • Duslady
    • Tang
  • Factions
  • Fauna
    • Aganeihat
    • Aisanee
    • Akkigavou
    • Akkoure
    • Bapuva
    • Broiska
    • Cervugi
    • Cranipxum
    • Cukalls
    • Daekoiz
    • Davtalnu
    • Eeniimar
    • Epbee
    • Harzab
    • Kiindem
    • Reykata
    • Sudamin
    • Taruciil
    • Unee
    • Urgai
    • Vaaakoiz
    • Whyr
  • Xiruen
  • Avotoc
  • Kettlah
  • Poria
  • Quarryn
  • Sha’an
  • Turath

When Padi said the previous week was going to be much more than what we had already done, he sure was right. We still have about 30 articles and other pages to get up this week, and we’ll set out to do that sooner than later.

Here’s what we look to have happen this upcoming week:

  • Omneuttian Articles reorganization
  • Activities Articles reorganization
  • Faction Articles reorganization
  • A hub-page for this Expedition
  • Article on the Ajika
  • Articles on Ajika members
  • Our first translation of a new text
  • Local wildlife articles
  • Soundtrack Saturday

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!