Forecast In Extremis

Forecast November 4

I’m Baic and this is the forecast for the week of November 4. I’m so excited to make my first post on the website! I will be handling Forecasts from here on out, unless some unforeseen circumstances require me to venture out on an Expedition. Normally we’ll talk about what happened last week versus what will be coming this week, but since this is my first time it will be a little different.

Our first Expedition is both still underway and has returned. For the last two days Padi and I (mostly Padi) have been reorganizing the website. Briefly we had the help of Rucu while we were completing the library. Here are all of the pages that now work:

Wow that’s a lot! Well, at least I think so. Padi says we have much more to do this week before we can even start organizing new information, which I was really looking forward to. I’m going to try and put a couple of new articles up anyway, if I have time before dark.

Here’s what we look to have happen this upcoming week:

  • Location Articles reorganization
  • A new article about the part of Ohr that we live on
  • Animal Articles reorganization
  • Omneuttian Articles reorganization
  • A new article about the Ajika
  • Soundtrack Saturday
  • An AMA member article
  • Finish reorganizing all previously documented information

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!