Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up

October was good! I didn’t really get around to Inktober like I thought I would, but alas. Maybe next year? This will be the last post on the website until I update you all on some more acoustic music. I’m not sure what all they’ll use in their graphics package, I hope they might keep some of my stuff in use or incorporate it in some capacity. Anywho, let’s look back at the last month I was in charge of the website:

  • October 7: I started to work completely on the Update this week
  • Future Plans XIII: Big changes to the website! In this post I announced I’ll be handing off the website to Padi and the Ajika. Catch up here if you missed it.
  • October 21: Lief Erikson Day was celebrated, and more update progress
  • Itinerary #1: Your first taste of a post from Padi, giving a bit of insight into what will come with their first Expedition
  • October 28: My last forecast (for quite a while). There’s tissues over on the contact page if you want.

November will start with the first Expedition fairly quickly, and keep going throughout the month, from what I’ve heard. This is normally where I talk about the next month, but I personally don’t have any plans for the month of November, as I’ll be handing the website off to the Ajika after this post, and I’m not far along on any acoustic piece that I’m currently working on to warrant my first new blog post. So, I’ll see y’all…later.