Forecast In Extremis

Forecast October 28

This is the last forecast I’ll be making before the Ajika take over. Take it all in here:

It’s time to look back again, and then I’ll talk about the next week and what the Ajika will be doing.

  • Update Progress:
    • Most of the artwork is done
    • All the music/sound effects are done
    • There’s just a bit more more writing to do
  • Expedition #1 Itinerary: Not quite what they’ll be in the future, and just a little different than an Update Announcement, check this one out soon before they return

I still have some old posts to delete around the website and one last post to make after this one before the Ajika take over, so stick around the website this week! The Ajika will be back and start remodeling the website just this weekend. Here’s what’s going on between now and then:

  • Old content deletion
  • Finishing up artwork and writing
  • October Wrap-Up