Forecast In Extremis

Forecast October 21

I missed the forecast last week, but work kept being done. Let’s look back:

It’s been a couple weeks now that I have to wrap up, but I have gotten a lot of work done towards the next update I mean expedition. Next week should be the last forecast you get from me so let’s look back quickly:

  • Lief Erikson Day: If you were over on twitter or facebook you saw the holiday post
  • Artwork: the big piece of artwork I mentioned last time appeared in a video as a still, you’ll see more of it later.
  • Future Plans XIII: Lucky number 13, and it’s a big’un!
  • Update Progress:
    • Artwork: Mostly finished with artwork for the update
    • Music: Actually entirely done with music for the update
    • Writing: Worked on some formatting updates, articles, and more!

This upcoming week will be the last week that I publicly work on In Extremis, as the site will soon be handed over to the Ajika, per Future Plans XIII. In fact, here’s what’s going on this week:

  • Expedition #1 Itinerary
  • Old content deletion
  • Finishing update artwork and writing