Forecast In Extremis

Forecast October 7

Spooky Season is upon us; check out this forecast:

The first week of October was good and I picked up steam towards the update, of which an announcement will be made soon. However, it’s not here yet, so we look back at what was done and what will be happening soon:

  • Big Art: I worked on a really, really large and important image for a long time this week (over 10 hours!) that is hurting my brain a little bit to work on. I wasn’t very good at perspective in HS art classes
  • Update Progress:
    • Artwork: The biggest piece of artwork is done, so we move on to other, smaller pieces
    • Music: Music got finished, and I even started working on an extended version that we might see later
    • Writing: Finished a couple articles and a few other things.

Most of my In Extremis time will be spent on the update, and here’s what that’ll look like:

  • Assorted Artwork and Music
  • Writing Update content and formatting changes
  • Lief Erikson Day