Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

Somehow, some way September was an even better month than August. For a TL;DR of the month, I stopped doing Soundtrack Saturdays, and went full-speed ahead towards the next Update. I said a Future Plans would happen between the Update announcement and the Update itself, but it will instead precede the announcement, so it hasn’t come out yet. Let’s look back:

  • September 2: Worked on the Silhouette Series and Instrument Categorization
  • September 9: Wildlife day was a thing on facebook and twitter, and I finished instrument categorization!
  • September 16: I learned some new software and started plenty of artwork
  • September 23: A new piece of music was added to the website
  • September 30: Full-steam ahead on the update

October will have plenty of content. Inktober will have a small surprise which will be very obvious…tomorrow, as well as a Future Plans and Update Announcement.