Forecast In Extremis

Forecast September 23

This is the fourth of five forecasts for the month of September:

Each week brings us closer to the update, and in turn the next update’s announcement. Here’s what I did to prepare for that last week:

  • Update Progress:
    • Large Artwork: there’s a large but not substantially important piece of artwork in the update and I completed it
    • Music: The update will have some music, and I’m in the preliminary stages of that
    • Writing: Lots and lots of writing, you’ll probably see this every week
  • Other Artwork: I’m still working on another silhouette series, but since I’ll likely finish it within the next two weeks you won’t see it due to Inktober
  • Music: Splash Screen, a Vibraphone Duet for One Vibraphone is now available for physical and digital purchase!

Most of my In Extremis time will be spent on the update, and here’s what that’ll look like

  • Silhouette Series
  • Assorted Artwork and Music/Sound Design

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