Forecast In Extremis

Forecast July 22

A better week!

I hardly got any work done from the checklist I posted last week, but let’s see what I got:

  • Gutenberging: Ontautt and Xiruen articles were updated, so this is all done!
    • All articles on the website (and pages) are now in the Gutenberg format
    • Additionally 19 articles will be deleted soon, as the more efficient Sentient Species article template has made them redundant and in some cases obsolete
  • Silhouettes: We finish up the Avotoc series, seen on fb, twitter, and now here
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Lazy Daydream” from Flower

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who have entirely different lives

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who can both appreciate magic, whether literal or the magic of music

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who enjoy the finer things in life, specifically nice clothes. Really, really, fancy, quite nice, clothes.

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who like wearing interesting things on their heads

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who both like to learn, but not quite the same amount

The same list will remain to the end of the month, or until I check everything off:

  • Finish collapsing/ordering instrument presets and re-bundle
  • Work on another Silhouette series
  • Article Headers

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