Forecast In Extremis

Forecast July 8

Last week was a good week, even though I missed the forecast. This next one also looks good (do I say that every week?):

This past week saw more work come to the site and the internet, as the Festivity Update concluded, and more Sentient Species articles got modified. I also did (more) off-site work, and I’ll talk about that too.

  • Festivity Update: All done. Check it out here if you want to get ~~ f e s t i v e ~~
  • Gutenberging: Poria, and Quarryn articles were updated (finally). The template was also updated, meaning the Sha’an and Turath articles received (small) updates. The Quarryn article has a few interesting placeholders as well.
  • Silhouettes: We continue the Avotoc series, seen on fb, twitter, and now here
  • Offline Projects:
    • July and August should see some big changes from the site, as many of them are now finalized thanks to work I did this week
    • I finally learned a software that I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I’m in no way a master, but it will help make some kinds of artwork go faster, and help with some long-term changes
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Alone in the Light” from Rime
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Eternal Wind” from Final Fantasy III

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who disagree on the number of pointy-thingies you need to have at any given time

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who disagree on the principles of “finders keepers” vs “takers keepers”

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who do entirely different things with their uh…”free” time

I’d like to actually check some things off from my to-do list next week, so here’s what I’ll be aiming to get done, as well as work on, generally:

  • Finish Gutenberging Sentient Species articles (Halfway there!)
  • Finish collapsing/ordering instrument presets and re-bundle
  • Work on another Silhouette series
  • Article Headers

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