Forecast In Extremis

Forecast June 24

Last week was not as big as the rest of the month in terms of content coming to the site, but I still got a lot done! Check it out here:

This past week was another one of those ‘a lot of off-site work’ weeks, countered only by the continued posting of the Avotoc silhouettes on social platforms. However, the Update is just over a week away at time of posting, so there will be more content soon.

  • Gutenberging: A couple more articles were almost finished (offline) this week, but they aren’t quite ready to go up yet, so likely this upcoming week
  • Silhouettes: We continue the Avotoc series, seen on fb, twitter, and now here
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Find Your Way” from Final Fantasy VIII

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, on nearly opposite ends of the ‘how much should I protect myself via clothing’ spectrum

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who like being in charge

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who both like to keep their inner legs plenty protected

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who entirely disagree on how to dress for the occasion…or what the occasion is

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who agree that robes are the best way to go

This upcoming week should see me get more done, as I physically posses more time than I did last week, as well as several things almost getting done last week being easier to finish

  • Finish on Update music
  • Article Headers
  • Gutenberging
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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