Forecast In Extremis

Forecast June 17

Last week was big! In a small kind of way. Check out last week’s recap and what’s coming here:

Last week saw a lot of work that I had been doing off the site make its way onto the site, which is always a good experience. I completely finished all of the non-musical things that need to be in the update, so all that’s left for me to do between now and June 30th is music and additional article headers. But the future-stuff is more for the second half of this. What all happened last week?

  • Gutenberging: The Sha’an and Turath articles were condensed, or rather all of the Sha’an articles were condensed and the same process was done to the Turath articles.
    • This was under Sentient Species Collapse last week and I said they might not all get done over the last week. Yeah, definitely not.
  • YouTube: I went digging a little bit and noticed all but two of my videos were in the ‘Entertainment’ category and not ‘Music’ so I fixed that.
  • Silhouettes: It’s that time again, I’ve been posting more Avotoc silhouettes over on twitter and fb. You’ll miss my commentary if you just wait for them here, but I’ll still post them here. Actually, no you won’t because I can post that here too.
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Relic Forest” from Pok√©mon Colosseum, except I made it an ambience

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who don’t agree about where on the body clothing is supposed to go

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who *do* agree on headwear, like that it is generally needed…not on what is good headwear

#artwork#silhouette#silhouettes#blackandwhite Avotoc, who both like pointy things on their heads, and in their arsenal

I like having the commentary here. It takes up a lot of room sure, but it makes these posts feel a bit less like walls of text, and that’s always welcome. I will be quite busy outside of In Extremis this upcoming week, but since I only have a few things left to do in regards to the upcoming Update, I think I’ll manage just fine. Here’s a look at my plans for the upcoming week:

  • Work on Update music
  • Article Headers
  • Preliminary work on the next update
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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