Forecast In Extremis

Forecast June 10

What a week! Well, this upcoming week anyway. Want to find out? Read here:

The first week of June is now behind us, and we inch closer to Festivity Update. But, there’s some changes coming to the website between now and then. First though, we need to look back on the week:

  • Gutenberging: I didn’t actually convert anything to the Gutenberg template…on the site. More on that below
  • Artwork: Finished up a non-update piece of art I’ve been working on forever. At least, it feels like forever
    • I’ll be rolling it out in pieces like I did with the Poria and Turath versions
  • Article Finder Database: I have an internal database of all the articles “called for” by pages and articles on the website that don’t exist yet, and I repopulated/updated it last week
  • Instrument Database: Similar to the article finder in concept, I went through all of my instruments, effects, etc and took steps to figuring out what makes In Extremis sound like In Extremis, and set up a couple templates to help me get that done faster, but things aren’t finished yet. Probably will finish that after I complete the update
  • Update Progress: All of the articles are done, and the music is close
  • Under The Hood: some work did in fact make it to the website! If you look at an article, page, or other source of information on the website now, you can see that the sidebar is gone. Don’t fret! If you haven’t followed In Extremis on facebook or twitter but want to, they’re now in the footer. If you used the search bar, you can find it on blogging articles, tag/category listings, and the search button in the main menu (at the top)
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Lower Maridia” from Super Metroid

Phew! That was a lot. I have a large, long-term rework of the site for the second half of the year that I’ll talk about more later, but there’s some work that will be done this week in preparation. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Sentient Species collapse:
    • The Sentient Species articles are the last remaining articles that have been avoiding updating to the Gutenberg template as well as their sub-articles (languages, races, culture, etc)
    • I’m going to collapse them all down to one article per species, so it’ll be a little longer but also a good opportunity to streamline the articles themselves
    • This may or may not finish this week
  • Update work
  • Artwork
  • Music
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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