Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

May Wrap-Up

As of writing, this was the best May in 4 years (since 2016)! It’s been a great month overall, with an Update announcement, Gutenberging, I got my Masters degree, and a LOT of work got done on the next Update! It’s really great to have two years of work finally pay off in a degree, and I immediately set out to do a bunch of things I haven’t had the time to do in two years. I’ve gotten into a few books I haven’t had the time to fully appreciate, and watched quite a few video essays. I just finished my degree but I immediately got back to learning. But here’s a handy list for you:

  • Ambiences: I put out some new music and moved some old music around that goes better with this new sound
  • Turath Local Groups: Scroll down a little bit for four new articles
  • May 6: First forecast of the month, getting back go Gutenberging
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Awake” from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • May 13: Worked on the update, Gutenberg’d, and updated the SoundtrackSaturday playlist
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Stone Tower Temple Upside Down” from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • May 20: I graduated! Also, I worked on the update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Mountain Village” from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • May 27: Update progress, and Gutenberging
  • Update Announcement: The newest update theme is…found inside this announcement!

June should be a pretty good month too. Historically, June does better than May, and there’s an Update at the end of this month, so a month’s worth of progress and work should be a boon for the site. Time will tell, but I’m feeling fairly…festive.