Forecast In Extremis

Forecast May 13

Time for the second forecast of May. Get updated on the past week’s happenings here:

The Cartographer update is almost done, and we’re moving towards the end of April. This week was a little slower as I didn’t get around to Gutenberging anything, but you’ll see why soon. In the meantime, let’s look back:

  • Worked on the update a bit
    • Figured out a name for it too, so the announcement should be just around the corner…
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Awake” from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • SS Playlist: It’s been a while (I hadn’t updated since March 9th) but I finally updated the playlist. I’ll try to do that monthly again
  • Gutenberg: the About and Lore pages got updated to Gutenberg, as did the Lieyos and Gallants of Cyliajaca Articles
  • Article Headers: Somehow, the Cukalls article never got updated with its header, so that’s fixed
  • Featured Article: Time to pretend this is a wiki! I’ll update the About page with a new featured article with each update, so for now it’s the Cukalls article!

Last week was also great for the website, just like the one before. We’re on track for a good May with plenty of articles and pages getting Gutenberg’d. I’ll look to continue that progress in the coming work with this to-do list:

  • Update work
  • Unrelated artwork
  • Gutenberging
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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