Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

April Wrap-Up

It was aaaaaaalmost the best April the site has ever had, very likely in part to The Cartographer Update. There were 5 sub-updates to The Cartographer that came out in the 30 days of April

  • April 1: A forecast with absolutely no April Fools-ing. I promise.
  • Pale Shores: Pale Shores article got an update, along with its three Local Groups getting new articles
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Garden” from Monument Valley
  • April 8: The update page got updated in a number of ways
  • Vale Reef: Vale Reef article was updated, and three new articles
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “6PM” from Animal Crossing (the original!)
  • April 15: Hey I got back to Gutenberging agiain
  • Parallelium: Poria-Space doesn’t have any Local Groups, but the article got an update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Forgotten” from FEZ
  • Matriarch Grove: Quarryn-Space had four new
  • April 22: Another article got Gutenberg’d on this Earth Day forecast
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Final Hours” from Majora’s Mask
  • The Blade: Sha’an Locals
  • April 29: Apparently I left a blank bullet point in this week’s forecast as a reminder I didn’t get around to Gutenbergring anything

At the end of last month’s Wrap-Up I said that a semi-major announcement should come out in April, and possibly an announcement regarding the next update. Both of these will happen in May, actually. The semi-major announcement will come onto the site this week, so keep your eyes peeled, while the next Update announcement will happen in mid-late May, as I really start to begin work on it.