Forecast April 22

Today is Earth day! But this series isn’t set on Earth, so what do we do?

What do we do? We just keep rolling out content, that’s what. Last week was the sole week that featured two -Spaces updates, with the Poria-Space update on Monday and the Quarryn-Space update on Sunday. But what else happened?

  • The Cartographer Update: Sunday (yesterday, if you’re reading this the same day I put it out), the Quarryn-Space article got updated, and there’s four new articles!
  • Gutenberg: Language got updated (nothing should look different)
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Forgotten” from FEZ

This next update will mean there’s only TWO more -Spaces to update as part of the Cartographer Update. So what else happens this week?

  • Sha’an-Space Update
  • Working on more artwork/articles
  • Gutenberging again
  • Work on next update
  • Soundtrack Saturday
  • So, more of the same