Forecast In Extremis

Forecast April 15

We’re about halfway through the update, and about halfway through April. Neat!

As I continue rolling out content from the Cartographer update, this past week I focused on updates. This upcoming week will be a little bare as I attempt to pass my degree exams, but we’ll get to that in a second. Let’s look back:

  • The Cartographer Update: Last week I put out the three articles about Kettlah local groups, and earlier today the Parallelium article was updated
  • We’re Gutenberging again: Celestial Bodies has been updated to Gutenberg, but you shouldn’t see any change
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “6PM” from Animal Crossing

This week begins to wrap up the update, as we’ll have Quarryn (Sunday, April 21 10am CDT) local groups, and then there’s just two more! So what else is coming?

  • Quarryn-Space Update
  • Working on more artwork/articles
  • Gutenberging again
  • Work on next update
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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