Forecast April 8

Let’s get going with April!

As I continue rolling out content from the Cartographer update, this past week I focused on updates. This upcoming week will be a little bare as I attempt to pass my degree exams, but we’ll get to that in a second. Let’s look back:

  • The Cartographer Update: This past week, the Avotoc Local Groups were highlighted, with three new articles and a refurbished Pale Shores article
  • Updates: This disambiguation page incorrectly had “The Shadows” update just billed as “Reykata”, so I fixed that
  • Also, in terms of updates, all five now have banners, which will continue going forward. See them below:
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Garden” from Monument Valley

So, this week (tomorrow–Tues. April 8 10AM CDT) will have another local groups update, but what else is there?

  • Kettlah-Space Update
  • Getting that degree, man
  • Working on more artwork/articles
  • Work on next update
  • Soundtrack Saturday