Forecast In Extremis

Forecast April 1

None of this is an April Fools’ joke, I swear.

It’s a post-but-not-really-post-because-the-update-still-has-content-coming Forecast! You know what that means (because I’ve totally done this before). There will be new content this week. But before we get to that, let’s look at this; what happened last week, including but not limited to the Update? This:

  • Wrapped up the Turath artwork (seen below): more posted on both facebook and twitter (so follow In Extremis there if you don’t already), with absolutely hilarious commentary by yours truly
  • The Cartographer Update: Map-related goodness abound here, including new articles, artwork, and a new YouTube single!
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Dragonspiral/Celestial Tower” from Pokémon Black/White

That’s RIGHT, the update is still going! This week will contain an update to Avotoc-Space (Wednesday, April 3, 10am CDT). But what else is going on?

  • Avotoc-Space Update
  • Working on more artwork/articles
  • Work on next update
  • Soundtrack Saturday

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