Forecast In Extremis

Forecast March 25

March is ending and there’s nothing happen–DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE UPDATE?

The update is this week! The update is this week! March Wrap-Up is also this week! But before we can get into that (literally, they’re days away), we gotta look back to last week. And in good news, it was a good week. Don’t believe me? Read this:

  • More Turath artwork (seen below): more posted on both facebook and twitter (so follow In Extremis there if you don’t already), with absolutely hilarious commentary by yours truly
  • Finished the last major component for the update
  • Did a lot of minor legwork for the update
  • Worked on a couple things not in this update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger

It’s UPDATE week! It’s also the last week of March, so I get to do the really fun double-whammy of an update and a Wrap-Up all in the same week. It’s going to be packed from here until next Sunday, so let’s take a look:

  • Final Turath artwork posts
  • Another Soundtrack Saturday
  • Wrapping-Up the Update (…okay I’ll see myself out)
  • The Cartographer Update
  • March Wrap-Up

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