Forecast In Extremis

Forecast March 18

Another week gone by.

Ten days until the update! Is anyone else excited? Great, because it’s pretty much done. There’s only just a couple things to finish up before the update is launched, but let’s look back at what did and didn’t happen last week:

  • More Turath artwork (seen below): more posted on both facebook and twitter (so follow In Extremis there if you don’t already), with absolutely hilarious commentary by yours truly
  • Finished a couple new articles
  • Finished some of the new artwork for existing articles
  • Soundtrack Saturday: I thought I had put together one last week for this week, but I didn’t soo…there wasn’t one this week. I updated the YouTube playlist though.

I’m extremely busy for the first half of this week, but by the weekend I should really be able to get going on this:

  • More Turath artwork
  • Soundtrack Saturday…for real this time!
  • Lots of artwork
  • More website cleaning
  • Update finalizing