Forecast In Extremis

Forecast March 4

It’s the first March forecast!

Remember how I said last week I rescheduled my work to avoid burnout “at least not from In Extremis”? Well, things got real busy and I got a little burnout from things other than this, which sort of prohibited me from getting a lot done on this front…But let’s take a look:

  • More Poria artwork (seen below): more posted on both facebook and twitter (so follow In Extremis there if you don’t already), with absolutely hilarious commentary by yours truly
  • Poria artwork series wrapped up (with #50, seen below), so I started posting some Turath in the same style. Remember, Turath are gendered, so their numbers reflect that!
  • Redesigned/refurbished an old article and its artwork
  • February Wrap-Up: Miss anything in February? Check here!
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Farthest Land” from Shadow of the Colossus

Now, let’s look to next week:

  • More Turath artwork
  • More website cleaning
  • Soundtrack Saturday
  • Work on the new update
  • Article Headers

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