Forecast In Extremis Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up

I haven’t looked over the final numbers, but this was one of the better Februarys I can remember. Maybe my memory is bad, but February is usually a little slower month. Feb. 2019 certainly was no exception for a number of reasons, but it wasn’t the worst February, of that I am certain. Anyway, let’s look back:

  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Field of the Machinae” from Xenoblade Chronicles
  • February 4: Closed up January and started posting the Poria silhouettes
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “Snowpoint City (Night)” from Pokémon D/P/P
  • February 11: Finished creating another artwork series, and major sections of the upcoming update
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Fields of Ard Skellig” from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
  • February 16: World Pangolin Day, the link goes to the Daekoiz article, which was heavily inspired by Pangolins
  • February 18: More art, cleaner links, and redesigned articles (that you can’t see yet)
  • Bundle Five Announcement: Catch the theme here!
  • Soundtrack Saturday: “The Girl Who Stole The Stars” from Chrono Cross
  • February 25: More of the same, including the big highlight of the bundle announcement.

February has come and gone, March is up next. Obviously, the next update will be in March (well, obvious if you’ve read the update announcement. If you haven’t–there’s a spoiler). A new artwork series starts, and I’ll begin work on the next update at some point soon. I hope to wrap up production on this update well before it launches. I’ll also be taking most of the steps to complete my Master’s degree, so there might be some days where I don’t work on In Extremis at all. But it’s going well so far.